Hairdo Fantasy - Children Hairstyles for Girls, Masterclass, Photos

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Children hairstyles for girls. It's not so difficult to arrange your hair at home: the main thing here is to learn doing it. Certainly, not all the hairdos can be done by ourselves, but a number of them are quite possible to master. If your daughter has got long hair, practically every day you think how to do her hair beautifully and unconventionally.

Don't forget about hairdo fantasy. But if it's hard for you to arrange your daughter's hair somewhat originally and you are eager to do the hair in an unusual way, so our masterclass is for you.

Step 1. Brush the hair and gather the ponytail on the crown of the head, leaving the hair at the edges. You can divide the locks for further work in two ways: forming triangles or squares at the base of the hair. You'll see triangles in the photos.

Step 2. Divide the rest hair on the locks and fasten them at the base of the hair with an elastic band.

Step 3. Divide each lock in two parts.

Step 4. Take one lock from one section and one from the next to it and twist some centimeters in braids. It seems to me that everybody liked to wind hair around the forefinger — the scheme of braiding in this hairdo is alike. Putting a lock on the forefinger, you twist the finger and twist the hair in a braid at the same time. You twist two braids to the right. Then you join these braids and start braiding a plait twisting them together (look at the photo). But you should interlace them into the other side — to the left. You do this some times: interlace the hair, then make braids and interlace them between each other. In this way you come to the beginning of the central ponytail and pull the plait under the elastic band of the ponytail.

Step 5. You do all the hair in this way.

Step 6. Then take a lock from the ponytail and put it on your fingers in such a way that it runs between the forefinger and the middle finger. Forming a loop, the ends are pulled through the elastic band at the base of the ponytail. This step is repeated with all the hair on the circle. When you finish you may have the ends-tails of your locks. Hide them under the made roll and ribbon.

Here's an idea! You may leave the ponytail, twisting only the locks of the hair. You'll have a nice unusual hairdo for a girl.

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