Kids Holidays. Birthday Party Ideas

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Kids holidays. The most favorite children activity is the games. And the best holiday for kids is a thoroughly prepared game program or a thematic party. It goes without saying that bright decoration of the house, a tasty and beautiful festive table, surprises and gifts are greatly important. But if the adults don`t think about the entertainment program for a birthday boy/girl and their little guests, the holiday will fail. A planned program of the children`s party and its carefully thoughtful scenario will help parents make the holiday interesting and unforgettable for kids. Here are some Birthday Party Ideas.

Kids Holidays. Birthday Party Ideas


In order that your kid`s guests don`t get bored, think about everything that will take place in your house during the party thoroughly. The children of any age will appreciate a home puppet show organized by adults or, perhaps, by a young host himself.

A bright and catchy can be a thematic party. For this you are to choose a fairy tale or a cartoon interesting for all guests, prepare the costumes for the main characters in which the guests will dress up; think of some contests reflecting the party theme and use the relevant thematic attributes for home and table decorations. Though it seems difficult, but it should be prepared beforehand.

Scenario 1. «TURNIP»

The scenarios based on the simple fairy tales will be good for little children — for example, the fairy tale «Turnip». The main entertainment of such a holiday will be the staging of the tale: one of the parents will be a «Turnip» which the guests «will be pulling». According to the roles the kids will get distinctive marks: a cottony beard for a grandfather, an apron and a shawl for a grandmother, a tail for a cat and so on. The main dish on a festive table may be a cake in the shape of a turnip. You can organize to play the game «Find a turnip» — the kids will be looking for a turnip hidden by the adults; or a contest on knowing the tale better can be organized too — the kids will be retelling the fairy tale and getting small gifts. Besides, to make the holiday unforgettable small souvenirs — «turnip» cakes, coloring books with this fairy tale can be given to the guests before their leaving.

Scenario 2. «PIRATES»

The pirates topic is more interesting for older kids. On entering the house children guests can be given pirate accessories, which will be useful for them during the party. The main entertainment of the party may be «a Treasure hunt» («the treasure» may be hidden everywhere — in the oven in the kitchen or under the host`s bed).

Scenario 3. «HARRY POTTER»

Many children adore this fabulous hero. Glasses, a cloak and a magic wand will help any of the guests to transform into this small wizard who will resist evil together with his friends. The teachers of the magic school may be parents or grandparents awhile; so you can easily control the kids` actions in your house. Apropos: read the book about Harry Potter before the holiday — it will help you understand the images of the main heroes and surprise your own kid and his guests at the knowledge of the topic.

Scenario 4. «BARBIE»

The topic of the birthday party for girls may be «BARBIE» and the guests can turn into little princesses for a while. The room may be decorated pink; and crowns and wreathes can be prepared for the guests. Dolls Barbies like guardian angels may be placed near the girls guests. The entertainments may be as following: the contests for the best hairdo and the most beautiful dressing. Girls can dance and learn to use children`s cosmetics.

Scenario 5. «MOYGLI»

You`ve got a private house and the birthday party may be held in the yard. So the party based on the tale «Maygli» will suit you perfectly. The little guests can not only identify themselves with the characters of Kipling`s fairy tale but also compete in agility and courage in the «jungle» organized by you in the open air. The bear Ball and the tiger Shere khan will fight in the athlete tournament; and the most agile «jungle inhabitants» (the party guests) will demonstrate their dexterity climbing the trees where you`ve hung bananas providently.

Thinking of a scenario don`t forget that you should involve into the activity all the kids who have come to the party. It`s necessary that all the guests leave the house with a souvenir as a prize for the won competition. Don`t forget about taking photos and video — the participants will keep the holiday in memory for a long time.

We hope you`ll use our selection of funny riddles and jokes for kids to entertain your guests.

Enjoy your holiday!

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