Hilarious April Fool's Day Pranks to Try at School and Home

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April Fool's Day is the favorite day of many adults and school students as this holiday is the time to play pranks on each other, make stupid jokes and say something incredibly dumb. We'd like to share with you some harmless school hoaxes which can be good as children's party ideas to celebrate April Fool's Day at school or at home.

Hilarious April Fool's Day Pranks

Mop, Gum

It's a good hoax for school. To write down a note with the words, «There's a mop/ gum on the ceiling.» Then pass the note to the classmate sitting next to you, asking him to pass it further after reading. The effect may be tremendous when everyone looks up, and so does the teacher!


On running up to one of the classmates ask, «Is Winnie the Pooh a pig or a boar?» And ask to answer quickly, so that he has no time to consider it's a harmless teddy bear.


Take a cardboard box, put it on the bookcase or on something that is higher than a man's height. The bottom of the box should be cut out and the opening lid should remain. On the box side glue the bright inscription, e.g. «French letters» and fill in the box with confetti. When a teacher enters the classroom, he'll try to take it away from the bookcase (or ask one of the students to do it), but the box has no bottom — the victim will be showered with confetti.

At a Geometry Lesson

Argue with a classmate that you can throw two 10 cent coins on the table in such a way that they lay evenly in a line. Shake a handful of coins, prepared beforehand, and throw them on the table. The point of the hoax is that there are only two dimes in the hand. So, you'll have to remind your friends that only one straight line can go through two dots (here — the coins). (It's known from geometry lessons). At the beginning it was said about only two dime coins, the other ones are not considered.

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