Fun Ideas for Celebrating Kid's Holidays - Kebab Centipedes and Ladybug Cookies

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Children's party ideas are yummy food, tasty treats and a lot of entertainment. To make your kid's birthday party or any other holiday party for kids special, we offer wonderful recipes of children treats — Kebab Centipedes and Ladybug Cookies. Cook them and you'll certainly surprise your kid's guests.

Kebab Centipedes

You'll Need:

— 10 apples of a small size,
— liquid honey,
— 10 sprigs of red currants.


String 3-4 small apples on a wooden skewer, wherein all peduncles should be directed into one side. Bake the kebabs in the oven. Grease them with honey at the end of baking, put on a flat plate, make legs from sprigs of currants, horns from peduncles and eyes from currants.

Fun Ideas for Celebrating Kid's Holidays - Kebab Centipedes and Ladybug Cookies

Ladybug Cookies


1. Cook yeast dough or buy it. Roll small balls from it. Cut each into 2 parts carefully and put on an oiled oven tray. In an hour the dough halves will rise, then put them into an oven for 20'.

2. Cook the glazing: pour sugar powder into a pan and dilute with warm water. Stirring with a wooden spoon heat the glazing till 40-50 deg. If the glazing is too fluid, add some sugar powder; if it's dense — water.

3. Divide the glazing into 4 parts. Leave one part white, add melted chocolate into the second, yellow food coloring into the third and red food coloring into the fourth part.

4. First color each ladybug into the main color, leave it to dry, then draw the head and peas.

Fun Ideas for Celebrating Kid's Holidays - KebabsCentipedes and Ladybug Cookies

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