Family Holiday Ideas. Tips on Joint Activities with Kids

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Family holiday ideas. Here's a fun and exciting way to get your kids in the mood for a holiday and entertain your children's guests. Your joint activities with the children will make you and your little ones not only happy but also closer to each other. So, to make the children's holiday catchy and fun you may choose some of the activities advised in the following list. Apropos: These activities are good for a daily communication with your children — you teach them a variety of skills, help to explore the outside world, educate by your own example.

Tips on Joint Activities with Kids

1. Show a shadow theater.
2. Cut a garland of paper men.
3. Arrange a home in a box from a refrigerator.
4. Draw a cartoon in the margins of notebooks.
5. Let sunbeams.
6. Watch how the seeds germinate.
7. Go together down a high icy mountain.
8. Bring in a twig in frosty weather and put it into water.
9. Cut the jaws from orange peel.
10. Look at the stars.
11. Hatch coins and leaves hidden under the paper.
12. Shake a pencil so as to seem it has got flexible.
13. Prepare the caramel in the spoon.
14. Let the pancakes sail on the water.
15. Make a volcanic eruption from citric acid and soda.
16. Show focuses from the electrified paper figures.
17. Write a blueprint.
18. Listen to birds singing.
19. Build a tent.
20. Watch the sunrise and sunset.
21. Admire the moonlight.
22. Plant flowers.
23. Play outdoor games.
24. Look after the pets together.
25. Water the home plants.
26. Be ready to help each other in everything.
27. Look at clouds and imagine, what they look like.
28. Weave wreaths.
29. Let the slivers drift down the river, dig canals and make dams.
30. Shake a tree branch, when the child is under it, and arrange the fall of the leaves (snow, rain).
31. Make a weather vane and a trap for the wind.
32. Lighten with a flashlight in the dark.
33. Make octopuses from dandelions and pupae from dog-roses.
34. Go on a fishing trip.
35. Leave the body prints in the snow.
36. Feed the birds.
37. Build a house from furniture.
38. Sit by the fire. Fry bread on a twig.
39. Launch a kite.
40. Build a sand castle. Dig and hide in the sand. Dig a deep well to reach the water.
41. Sit in the dark by candlelight.
42. Make the hell out of soapy hair.
43. Blow into an empty bottle.
44. Repeat one word over and over again, that it has turned into another.
45. Get surprised with your giant shadow and play catch-up with shadows.
46. Jump to the center of the puddles.
47. Arrange a storm in a teacup.
48. Make notes with milk.
49. Bury treasure in a plate of porridge.
50. Speak using signs.
51. Blow on the feather.
52. Leave a blade of grass in an anthill, and then taste formic acid.
53. Eat hare cabbage, suck resin, lick birch juice and maple syrup, chew blades of grass.
54. Squeeze cookies with molds.
55. String berries on a blade of grass.
56. Play Cyclops (lean against each other's foreheads and twist the heads, it seems that your opponent has one eye and it's ridiculous).
57. Sing the chorus.
58. Fix a favorite toy.
59. Blow bubbles.
60. Dress up a Christmas tree.
61. Whistle through an acacia pod.
62. Make a dollhouse.
63. Climb up a tree.
64. Play ghosts.
65. Come up with costumes and dress up.
66. Talk about dreams.
67. Knock on a makeshift drum.
68. Release a balloon into the sky.
69. Organize a children's holiday.
70. Look at the world through colored glass.
71. Draw on the sweaty glass.
72. Jump into the piles of autumn leaves.
73. Start dinner with dessert.
74. Put on your clothes on the child.
75. Play hide and seek together.

Be happy together!

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