Family Holiday Ideas. Simple Magic Tricks to Amuse Kids at a Birthday Party

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We know it's not easy to make kids get interested in something and to amuse them. And especially it's difficult when we are preparing for a kid's birthday party. We hope these Simple Magic Tricks for little children will attract their attention, surprise, entrance them and be of good help for their parents.

Simple Magic Tricks to Amuse Kids at a Birthday Party

Sink or Don't Sink

All know it's easier to swim in sea water. And there are seas where it's impossible to sink, for example, the Dead Sea. Why does it happen? It's because of the fact that sea water is very dense. You can show it and surprise kids at the same time.

Take 2 half-liter jars, 1 liter jar and 1 egg. Pour some simple water into the first jar, put an egg into it and the egg sinks.

Pour on 2 tablespoons of salt into the second jar and mix well. Now put an egg into this jar — it won't sink, it'll be floating on the surface.

Take the third litter jar, put an egg there and alternately pour water there from the first jar then from the second one. The egg won't sink and won't float on the water surface — it'll be like in limbo. If you add simple water, the egg will sink; if salty water, it'll surface.

Family holiday ideas can acquaint you with a number of interesting tips on how to make your kid's birthday party special and unforgettable.

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