Family Holiday Ideas. Children Birthday Party Layout and Menu

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Family holiday ideas. A kid`s birthday party is a responsible event for his/her parents as the holiday should be remembered by a birthday boy/girl and their guests, especially if these guests are children. We prepared very carefully for our daughter`s 5-year anniversary — we wanted the kids to enjoy our party very much. A special attention was paid to the Children Birthday Party Layout and Menu. Here are some tips which helped us in organising a cheerful and bright holiday for our princess and her young guests.

Family Holiday Ideas. Children Birthday Party Layout and Menu

It`s better to choose a simpler tablecloth without frill or fringe so that extra details shouldn`t divert kids from the party itself. So as not to dirty festive suits, it`s good to put cloth table-napkins on each child`s lap.

The table can be decorated with colored paper napkins with bright pictures; a small card with the guest`s name may be put in front of each plate. The card with the name may also be inserted into slightly chipped walnuts or fastened to the balloons.

Balloons, bright pictures, plastic toys, posters with birthday wishes can create a holiday atmosphere. The dishes can be decorated with colorful flags, the cups for beverages — with small umbrellas and tubules.

You should avoid ornate dish decorations on a festive table, as little guests do not dare touch such a beauty.

It`s not necessary to place a lot of dishes and salad-bowls on the table — some kids-guests may scruple to take a treat from a common dish. It`s better to give all the guests the same helpings with the similar treats so that each guest can eat what his neighbor eats.

Vegetables and fruits strung on skewers, small canape, French fries, barbecues may be put on common dishes.

So that little guests eat more willingly, serve their meal in the plates with drawings on the bottom. Eating may become a merry game.

The ordinary dishes are salad, hot dish, dessert and a cake. For dessert it`s better to serve ice cream which is loved by all. Many kids are indifferent to varied jelly and mousse.

Eating a cake is a lovely part of a holiday not only for a birthday boy/girl but also for invited guests. Serve the cake to the music; or you may accompany giving the cake with leg-pulls and funny jokes. The cake should be cut in the presence of the guests right after the birthday boy/girl blows out the candles. The hero of the occasion may choose the tastiest cake piece.

You should alternate the dish serving with mobile games, contests, danses, solving brain teasers — kids can`t stay easy at table for more than 10-15 min. Besides, these entertainments will help children accustom in a new situation and cheer up. It`s advisable that you prepare tasty and nice gifts for the winners of the contests and games beforehand — let each guest receive a small keepsake of a hilarious birthday party.

Brain teasers with answers for kids may help entertain your guests.

Family Holiday Ideas. Children Birthday Party Layout and Menu

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