Children's Party Recipe Ideas. New Year Salad: Pine Cone

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Children's party recipe ideas. I'm going to make a yummy salad: «Pine Cone» for the upcoming New Year holiday. The salad looks so appetizing and original that it seems as if asking to be cooked. The salad will surely decorate any children's holiday.

New Year Salad: Pine Cone


— potatoes 3-4,
— smoked chicken 200 gr,
— corn 100 gr,
— eggs 3,
— cream cheese 150-200 gr,
— nuts (any you like) not very much,
— a litle almond,
— rosemary or a pine twig.


1. Boil eggs, potatoes and grate them. Dice the chicken. Chopped the onion finely and scald with boiling water. Grate the cheese and mix with finely chopped nuts.

2. Put the salad in layers in the shape of a cone. Grease with mayonnaise each layer:
— potatoes,
— chicken,
— onion,
— corn,
— eggs,
— cheese with nuts.

3. On top grease the salad with mayonnaise and decorate with almond and greens. The New Year salad is ready! Bon appetit!

Children's Party Recipe Ideas. New Year Salad: Pine Cone

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