Children's Party Ideas. Festive Table Decoratins - Tasty Tortoise

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You are preparing for a kid's birthday holiday and want everything to be up to the mark. And no party can be a success without a yummy and fabulously decorated table. Children's Party Ideas offer you a lovely decoration for the festive table.

Tasty Tortoise

You'll Need:

— 1 kiwi,
— 1 green grape berry,
— 2 pink grape berries,
— 1 tangerine,
— 1 blueberry,
— 4 red currant berries.


1. Peel the kiwi and cut off 2 pieces from it.

2. Cut a small piece from the opposite side of the kiwi and place the bigger part on a plate.

Children's Party Ideas. Festive Table Decorations - Tasty Tortoise

3. Put half of a pink grape berry on the edge of the kiwi. It's the Tortoise' tongue.

4. Put a circle of kiwi atop. It's the head.

5. Cut a green grape berry in half, then one of the halves — in two parts. They are the eyelids.

6. From a pink grape berry cut off 2 circles. Cut a blueberry in half and place these halves onto the pink grape circles. These are the eyes.

7. Connect the eyes and the eyelids, put them onto the head. Peel a tangerine and place it to the head. It's a tortoiseshell. Make the legs from 4 red currant berries.

8. To make a tortoiseshell you can use a part of an orange or kiwi.

Children's Party Ideas. Festive Table Decorations - Tasty Tortoise

Bon appetit! And have a merry birthday party!

food carving for beginners will prompt you a number of interesting ideas for festive table decorations.

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