Painting for Kids. Easy Heron Drawing Tutorial

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Painting for kids. We hope your children will enjoy drawing this graceful bird — Heron. Just follow along with our step by step tutorial, then paint your bird as you like and your drawing may turn out even more beautiful. Good luck!

Easy Heron Drawing Tutorial

Painting for Kids. Easy Heron Drawing Tutorial

1. Start drawing with the heron`s oval head turned a bit left, a long neck and the oval body turned right.

2. Draw a long beak which is like a pencil tip, the long legs (one leg is raised), add the tail.

3. The beak is divided with a long line, draw the eye and the wing.

4. Paint the bird as desired. Show your drawing to the parents — let them be proud of you.

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And this step by step darwing heron will interest you too:

Draw a heron
You'll like to draw the heron like this, I guess:

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