Kids art. Drawing lessons for beginners - A JELLYFISH

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We continue to look for new ideas on kids art as it's very interesting and helps us in our work. We believe that you turn your attention to these drawing lessons for beginners too as they can be useful to you. Here is a nice jellyfish.
1. First mark a big bell and tentacles.
2. On the edge of the dome draw a line of the fringe, make tentacles thicker.
3. Rub out the unnecessary lines and start drawing the details carefully.
4. Begin coloring. Don`t be in a hurry, leave as many white spots as possible.

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Drawing is my son`s favorite occupation, and this lesson will help him learn to draw a new creature.
We used this scheme of drawing, it`s naturally good. But first we began with drawing a jellyfish using a more simpler step by step drawing. Here it is:

Drawing a jellyfish

I think it was easier to draw.
we enjoy drawing these jellyfish:

… smiling jellyfish

draw jellyfish

draw jellyfish
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