Easy Painting and Drawings for Kids. The Lesson of Unconventional Painting Technique - Landscape Monotyping for children

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Kids art is such an exciting sphere: if you start finding something there, you'll simply plunge into work and get new ideas and a lot of satisfaction. And here I've got interested in one more unconventional painting technique — landscape monotyping and want to show it to you. At this lesson you'll get acquainted with the means of expressiveness — a blot, a tone, vertical symmetry, portraying space in the composition. I start this activity with 5 — 6 year old children.

Easy painting and drawings for kids.

You need:
paper, brushes, gouache or water-color paint, wet sponge, a glazed tile.

A child folds a piece of paper in two. On one of its sides a picture is painted, on the other you have its image (imprint) like in the lake, (river). You color the picture very quickly so that the paint hasn't dried. The half of paper meant for the imprint is rubbed with wet sponge. The picture itself, after the imprint has been made, is renewed with paints to make it brighter than the imprint. For monotyping you can use a piece of paper and a glazed tile. In this case the picture is painted on the tile and then it's covered with a piece of paper. The image appears diffuse.

You can have such a picture:

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