Coloring sheets for kids. Blot painting activity with a thread - drawing in a kindergarten

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Coloring sheets for kids are wonderful and extremely useful for both the teachers working with preschoolers and the parents caring for their children aesthetic education. I want to show you one more trend of the unconventional art technique in painting — blot painting with a thread. The purpose of it is to teach children making blots (black and many-colored) with a simple thread and then on the base of these blots imagine and create some pictures. Looking at the blots kids see various images: interesting and sometimes unusual things, animals and even strange creatures. «What does your or mine blot look like?», «Who does it remind you of?». These question are very useful as they develop children thinking and imagination. On the last stage of working kids outline or add some details and color the made picture. In the end you may have even the whole plot.

Here is the lesson I've got with 5-year-old kids.
The way of painting: a blot.
Materials: paper, Indian ink or watered gouache, a plastic tea spoon, a thread of middle thickness.
The process of creating a picture:
A child puts a thread into the paint and squeeze it. Then on a sheet of paper he lays out a picture from a thread leaving one of its ends loose. After that he puts another sheet from above, press it, and holding the sheets with a hand pulls out the thread. The missing details of the picture are painted. And we've got:

Painting for kids — interesting ideas

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Blot painting with a thread is an exciting activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Give them a thick thread, paper and Indian ink or water gouache; and the kids will draw for hours forgetting about everything.

Blot painting with a thread
It`s an interesting idea, I should say.
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