Coloring for kids. Handmade Veterans Day Gift - Picture BOUQUET of POPPIES

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If drawing is your son`s or daughter`s favorite activity and he (she) is good at it, then this drawing project is for him (her). Your kid will love this idea for Veterans Day — to draw a Bouquet of Poppies, to insert the picture into a beautiful frame and to present his granddad or neighbor veteran with it. We`ll draw this picture step by step, for it`ll be much easier for children to do.

Bouquet of Poppies

Coloring for kids. Handmade Veterans Day Gift - Picture BOUQUET of POPPIES

Drawing Poppies Step by Step

Step 1

Draw the flower middle in the shape of a small circle, and round it draw a bigger circle — it`ll be the basis for the petals. Draw as many sketches as the number of the flowers planned to be. From each flower draw a stem and leaves arbitrarily.

Step 2

Draw the petals of the flower. From the flower center to its periphery draw the lines limiting the petals. Make jagged the upper parts of the petals. Draw the jagged edges on the poppy leaves too.

Step 3

With an eraser delete the extra lines and make the flower contour clearer. Draw small streaks on the petals.

Step 4

Pass to the coloring of the picture. Paint the flower middle black and petals — red. Draw black the flower streaks, green — the stem and leaves. For coloring use paints, crayons or felt-tip pens.

The picture is ready. Now take a beautiful frame and insert it. Your handmade gift will certainly please anybody to be given to.

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And here's one more step by step scheme of drawing this lovely flower: it's even simpler, I think. Try to draw and paint it in any color you like: not only red but perhaps blue, yellow or purple. Draw poppy
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