Children creativity. Blot painting - coloring with a pipe in a kindergarten

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Children creativity is so varied that we can find such ways of painting that at first sight can't be referred to painting in general. But it's a nice way of spending time gaily and usefully, and more than that it's a way of experimenting with paints, creating new and fascinating images. I'll show you one of the unconventional painting techniques — blot painting with a pipe. The kids from our kindergarten use this technique with rapture.

Age: 5 years old and more.

The needed materials:

Paper, Indian ink or watered gouache, a plastic tea spoon, a pipe (a drinking straw).
What to do:
A kid takes some paint with a plastic tea spoon, pours it on a sheet of paper making a blot. Then he blows on this spot through the straw, the end of which shouldn't touch neither the blot nor the paper. If necessary, do it twice. Then scrutinize the picture: What does it look like? Imagine the whole picture and paint the missing parts of it with a brush. And here it is what you can have:

We've blot-painted trees, the background was colored in a usual way using pencils.

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Thanks for sharing this. Hope my son will be willing to use this unusual painting technique.
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