Art lessons for kids. Step by step drawing for beginners - draw an Owl

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Here you`ll get acquainted with some art lessons for kids. It`s step by step drawing for beginners. We`ll draw a jolly owl. An Owl!
Even a very little painter will manage to cope with this drawing:

This is my son`s drawing, he`s 7 years old.

This picture was drawn by my 4-year old daughter.

One more kids drawing:

Here are some original ways of drawing an owl:

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These pictures helped my little daughter draw an awl:

Learn to draw an owl

Learn to draw an owl
Thanks for sharing this step by step drawing lesson of an owl. We used it and managed to learn drawing this bird. We came across one more simple drawing scheme of an owl — it`s for young artists too.

Step by step drawing of an owl
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