Art lessons for kids. Learn to draw - HALF a LEAF

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This art lesson for kids is on drawing leaves. Kids choose nice yellow, red, brown leaves. And the task is to draw HALF a LEAF. The children are given sheets of album paper and pencils.

They'll need:
tree leaves,
thick album sheets for drawing,

So, gather nice leaves. Then take the leaf you like best and fold it in half, one part of the leaf should be hidden or cut off: the child will draw it on the album sheet. A grown-up can help the kid fold the leaf and cut off the half of it carefully.

Art lessons for kids. Learn to draw - HALF a LEAF

Then glue the half leaf onto the album sheet and start drawing the hidden half of the leaf. It's more interesting to organize this kind of drawing as a competition in a group of children — Who can draw better?

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It is the best hobby one can have and good for passing time.
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I like this idea and I`m going to use it while learning my son drawing. And this is the picture of drawing with the help of leaves:

Learn to draw leaves
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