Art for Kids. Painting for Little Ones from a Year

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If it's your purpose to develop your children aesthetic abilities, art for kids will certainly draw your attention and be of great help. It will show you how to start achieving this goal. As for me I'd like to share some ideas, perhaps, it'll be useful to you. It's painting for kids — for little ones from a year. Everyone knows the earlier we start teaching kids painting, the best results we get. There are some ways of cultivating children interest in drawing — they are effective and fascinating.

Painting on the Tray

Strew some semolina on the tray and draw a vertical line from top to bottom. Then take your kid's palm and help him to draw the same «picture». After that ask your child to paint such lines on his own. Don't forget to praise him!!! Then you may learn to draw horizontal lines, twiddles, circles…

Painting with a Palm

Dilute gouache with water in a saucer, put the palm into it and leave a palm print on a sheet of paper. Ask your kid to do the same. Be sure your toddler will play the game with rapture.

Painting with a Finger and a Cork

You can paint wonderful pictures with a finger and a cork. Children painting is possible with the help not only of a cork but also of the other side of a pencil, a very small lid, a piece of foam rubber. Besides, you can cut out some interesting stencils of flowers, a heart, a fir-tree, a hen, a duck, a hare and so on.

«Drawing» with a Piece of String

Show your little one how to «draw» with a piece of ordinary string. You should start with the simplest pictures — a mouse, a fish, a heart. A kid will have to train much to «draw» a butterfly or a snail.

And now Coloring with Paints

It's better to start introducing a kid to one paint — he isn't embarrassed yet that the whole picture — grass, a cloud, a flower is of one color as the young artist is interested in the process of drawing itself. And only then you can show him other colors — in this way a kid will remember the names of colors more quickly. First you should paint a ribbon, a stream, a path… yourself, then help your child to do the same. Your own example is the main way in teaching drawing.

A one-year-old kid can't paint anything clearly by himself — we should help him — to paint a balloon and he'll paint a ribbon to it. You'll draw a flag and a child — a stick; you'll paint a circle and he'll «string» beads. In this way your little one will learn different techniques of painting.

Art activities for kids will supply you with a number of interesting ideas too.

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