Art for children. Learn to draw a SNAIL - drawing lessons for kids

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We do our utmost to find something interesting on the theme art for children. We advise you to pay attention to these elementary drawing lessons for kids. Here you`ll learn how to draw a marvelous snail.
1. First mark a shell, a long «leg» of the snail and a head with little «horns».
2. Draw a spiral, make «horns» a bit thicker.
3. Wipe off the unnecessary lines and correct everything necessary.
4. When your project is ready, start coloring carefully but first make sure of the chosen colors.
5. Make the drawing brighter adding a slight background — and the snail will turn out like a real one.

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I like this drawing lesson and want to show you a step by step drawing of a lovely Pussy.

Step by step drawing of a pussy

If you wish, try to draw it and paint as you like.
drawing a snail

You like this step by step drawing of a snail, don't you?
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