Unconventional Drawing Technique - the Art of Children Handmade Collages

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Some crafts for kids are so spectacular and appealing that very often we can't turn our eyes off them. And if they've been made with the hands of our own children, they become very dear to us. I'd like to present to you one more unconventional drawing technique for kids — the art of children handmade collages. This technique can vary your kids' creative work, make it more exciting and memorable.A collage is a picture on the paper, but not only painted with a bush, a feather, a small special stick, a piece of chalk or wax, but also made with putting together various colorful or white-black materials. Creating a collage a kid uses the earlier learned unconventional techniques of drawing. Besides, his imagination awakens and the activity turns into an entertaining game.

This activity is usually a team one with elder children in the kindergarten for making applications out of paper. Creating a collage develops not only skills and habits of work but also forms creative perception and thinking, helps children look differently at the habitual things and materials and make up their own images. These activities can be used for acquainting kids with the base of the picture composition: a child can easily move the collage parts, taking notice of the difference in image perception. You can stimulate the kid's interest to making a collage even on the stage of choosing the materials to the certain project. If a child has made up his mind to help you, he'll acquire a lot from working with you: he'll learn to think over the project, to emphasize the main parts making them more spectacular or even to change and improve some details.

Look at our fabulous collages:

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