Sand art. Pictures in a bottle

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Children creativity. A bottle with a sand picture inside became known to people after visiting the Red sea health resorts. Sand art bottle, a mysterious art has always impressed tourists — how can they make a marvelous sand picture inside a bottle?

It's not a problem, you can try making such a picture yourselves. Our instructions will help you. Colored sand can be bought or, if you wish, make it yourselves, screening white fine sand and mixing it with paint in solution.After the sand has dyed, it should be dried properly. To make a many-colored picture, you are to dye sand in a lot of colors.
It's a pity, but you won't be able to create a fine picture at once :) At first you are to become a skilled hand at creating any picture: choosing various nuances of colors of the picture, you'll alternate the layers trying to achieve the quality of the creation. The sand is carefully poured with a narrow funnel and rammed. You'll need a thin wire to form a picture. After you've made a picture and the bottle is filled — pour some glue on the upper layer.

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