Kods craft ideas. A Christmas BUTTON BALL

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Kids craft ideas. This variant of a Christmas gift is a glamorous idea for the joint creativity with children. Use the simple methods of fancywork, available materials, a bit of imagination and a good mood — and your Christmas tree will be decorated with a new bauble!

Start making the craft.
You'll need:
the wrapping paper of two colors,
Flat plastic buttons,
P V A glue,
a flat brush,
a decorative tape,
a writing knife,
acrylic paints with the effect of mother-of-pearl.

Form a plasticine ball and cover it with 5 layers of wrapping paper with glue in the paper-mache technique. The wrapping paper of two colors is used here, so that you shouldn't lose count of the glued layers.

After the paper on the plasticine ball gets fully dry (it's enough to leave it for the night, but not on the battery), using a writing knife cut the form into two parts and take off the made «cups» from the plasticine. Connect the parts gluing the pieces of wrapping paper onto the seam. Don't forget to put the ends of the decorative tape inside (they are also should be fastened on the inner side with paper and glue).

Craft ideas. A Christmas BUTTON BALL

Glue the buttons onto the made ball with P V A glue. To make the effect that the buttons are not glued, but sewn, put some layers of threads into the holes of the buttons.

Craft ideas. A Christmas BUTTON BALL

Now, color the ball with mother-of-pearl acrylic paint and the gift for Christmas is ready!

Craft ideas. A Christmas BUTTON BALL
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I like the idea. You may find something interesting in the next crafts.

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Christmas handmade balls

Christmas handmade balls
Wow! The idea is perfect for craftmakers!
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