Kids Craft Ideas. The Application with a Stencil for Children - a Tea Set

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Kids craft ideas provide them with a lot of playtime and learning time. I myself often turn to unconventional ideas because I'm pleased at showing my kids something special and watching them making new and original things. I want to offer you a new technique of making an application — with a stencil. Using it we'll teach our children to stencil a drawing on a sheet of paper, cut out by an outlined contour, put the cut parts into the whole and stick them together making the work carefully. These kinds of activity are suitable for elder children in a kindergarten.
Before starting to work it's advisable to talk with kids on the following topics: «Dishes», «How to make the whole out of the parts». Discuss what a tea set serves for.

The Application with a Stencil for Children — a Tea Set

The needed material: a sheet of paper from a drawing album, a stencil of tea dishes, a pencil, glue, paints, a brush, a tray, a duster.


Give a stencil to each child, you may give stencils of different objects from a tea set so as to have the whole set as a result. Let your children outline the stencils on pieces of paper and cut out the parts. Then out of the parts they are to gather the whole tea set and stick together. In the end you'll color your tea set, painting some jolly picture. Help your kids with complex drawings or some other difficult tasks. Out of each child's application you compose a set and put it on the tray. We've learned to make an application on the example of a tea pot and to make the whole set is your task.
Here's our tea pot:

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