Kids Craft Ideas. Chicken in Papier-mache and Quilling Technique, Tutorial, Photos

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Kids craft ideas are of great help for you when you are going to make something unconventional. Try your best to make this lovely Chicken in papier-mache and quilling technique. This detailed tutorial with photos and description will help. You'll carry away with this creative activity and get a lot of fun and pleasure, I'm sure.

For making the chickens you'll need:

1. balloon.
2. paste or wall-paper glue.
3. newspaper, white or yellow paper.
4. cut yellow paper strips of 5 mm broad and 50-60 cm long.
5. P V A glue.


1. Inflate the balloon of the desired size, tie it tight.

2. Tear the newspaper into pieces.

3. Glue the newspaper over the balloon into 5-6 layers.

4. Glue the seventh layer with white or yellow paper.

5. Leave the made workpiece to get dry well.

6. While the workpiece is getting dry, you start making feathers in the quilling technique: take the yellow strips, glue them by two and follow according the instruction.

7. As a result you'll have the workpieces «drop» — they'll be the chicken's feathers.

8. Now glue over the made balloons with them as you like. Make the wings, paws, eyes, a nose. Use your imagination. And here it is what you've got!

Quilling technique

1. Take a strip of paper with two fingers.

2. Draw the end of the strip with two fingers of the second hand, pass the nail over this end in such a way that it curved a bit.

3. The bended end of the paper is wound round the pricker more easily. Wind tight some coils.

4. When the diameter of the roller is 3-4 mm, it can be taken off the pricker and further you should wind with your hands.

5. Wind the tight roller with two hands so that the paper ribbon didn't loosen.

6. The whole strip is rolled up.

7. Now weaken your fingers a little letting the paper spiral loosen a bit.

8. Stick the end of the strip with P V A glue.

9. Now squeeze the workpiece with two fingers and you've got the workpiece «drop».

10. You can give your workpieces different forms, squeezing and crumpling them.

The craft is made by Yekaterina Alexeyeva.

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