Kids Arts and Crafts. The Technique of Working with Paper - Paper Plastic Art. Making Applications

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What can help our children create imaginary worlds, stimulate their art abilities and give hours of fun? Sure, it's kids arts and crafts. Join me and I'll show you the technique of working with paper — paper plastic art. Making applications in this technique is a marvelous activity. Let's start.

There are various techniques of working with paper: crumpling, tearing, cutting, bending. Tearing and bending are harder and at the same time more widely spread and 4 — 5 years old kids can acquire them successfully.

Our applications «the Sun» and «the Flower» are made in this technique. How did we make them?
Out of white paper we cut the sun with its rays. Then out of red, orange, yellow paper the children cut wide strips of different length, bended them and glued the sun around with them. For the rays they cut thinner and longer strips. Pay attention to the following, please, the strips aren't straight, they were cut at will: somewhere they have zigzags and waves. We didn't glue some rays wholly: the middle was left unglued, in this way we gained the effect of «the playing sun».

The application «the Flower» was made a bit in a different way. The petals of the flower were cut out of paper and we didn't glue them wholly; the ends of the petals were bended to the center. The leaves were cut out of paper, bended like an accordion, then unbended and glued on the line of bending.

I'm not sure that many craft makers know such techniques as paper crumpling and tearing. What can be easier and more natural for a child? So, to start working in this technique is possible earlier — when our kids are 2 or 3 years old. Paper tearing is one of the best activities for developing fine motor skills, which, as known, is connected with speech development.

Prepare soft paper of different colors (you may use napkins, old magazines, candy wrappers). Tear the paper into pieces together with a child. On a sheet of paper draw the sketch of your future picture. Glue some small parts of the design and at once begin sticking the paper pieces choosing them according to the color. While gluing you can use paper rolled up in balls and plaits.

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