Kids arts and crafts. A HOUSE from ice-cream sticks

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There are a number of spectacular ideas that develop kids creativity and introduce them to arts and crafts. We offer you to make this cute HOUSE from ice-cream sticks; in summer a lot of ice-cream is eaten, so a lot of ice-cream sticks are left.

Building a house is a very important process. Glue the sticks in the form of the house walls. Draw a door, a tree.

Now new dwellers can live there. They can be made of different worthless materials. If you want charming chickens to live in the house, you can make them of bright yellow pompoms. Glue the eyes made from red paper, the beak — from orange paper. Rubber sheet, leather for the chickens' paws can also be used.

Kids arts and crafts. A HOUSE from ice-cream sticks

You've got the downy dwellers!

Out of paper the figures of the animals can be cut and glued on the ice-cream sticks; and your children will be able to play the «theater». There are a lot of variants, let your kids tell you who will live in his house.

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This cute house for little animal dwellers was made from matches, buttons, paper and glue:

A House made from matches

We made a nice well to place near the house and used only matches and glue:

A Well from matches
Hi! Handmade crafts from ice-cream sticks ^^

crafts from ice-cream sticksHandmade crafts from ice-cream sticks

This house from ice-cream sticks is also fabulous!

From ice-cream sticks
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