Kids art. The world of children creativity - Color sand dunes - drawing with the help of threads and blots

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You know much about kids art, I`m sure. The world of children creativity interests you, so I`d like to suggest you teaching your kids drawing with the help of threads and blots. We`ll perform a lovely craft called «Color sand dunes». We`ll need:
— gouache paint or water color paints,
— color paper,
— scissors,
— white paper
— a sheet from a sketch-book.
1. Soak the threads in paints and put them on a sheet of a sketch-book in such a way that the ends of threads turned out below the borders of a sheet of about 15 cm. (photo 1)
2. Cover painted threads with a sheet of paper and holding a sheet with a palm, pull out all the threads. (photo 2)

3. If everything has been made right, you`ll see the first sand dunes when you take away the upper sheet. (photo 3)
4. Paint the threads into another color and repeat all the actions — many-colored picture is much more beautiful. (photo 4)
5. Draw a camel on a sheet of color paper and cut out it on a contour. Glue the picture-card in the center. (photo 5) Everything is ready!

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Oh! It`s an original idea. We`ll try it for sure.
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