Kids Art. Picture out of Threads - Craft for Children Creativity

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Kids art is rich in brilliant craft ideas for children creativity. Today I'd like to show you how to create a lovely picture out of threads. It seems unusual but if you make it, no doubt, you'll admire it. I can't say that to make such a beautiful picture with your own hands is simple, you'll need a lot of patience and accuracy. But it's worth of it.


You'll need thick cardboard or a wood-based fibrous panel. Draw the contour of the picture with acrylic paint.

Put the threads on the glue. The glue should be polymeric,transparent, water-proof and frost-resistant. The threads may be of different quality — woolen, cotton, acrylic — left after knitting something. But it's desirable to use new threads and approximately of the same thickness, otherwise the picture will turn out relief.

Here it is, the result of your diligence!

If you wish, you may iron the picture, but it's not necessary: without ironing it'll be more relief. Insert the picture into the frame.

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