Kids art. Crafts together with children - how to make a fir out of thread

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Kids art is in the center of our attention. We constantly look for original art ideas of creating crafts together with children. I want to tell you how to make an unusual and spectacular craft — a fir out of thread. A fir like this one is unconventional and, perhaps, because of it you`ll try making it.
Make some of these firs and decorate each room in your house with them — the atmosphere of the holiday will be felt everywhere!

1. A cone from cardboard and you are to wrap in polyethylene, foil but better — in food film.

2. Glue the cone and wind round a lot of thread randomly. It`s better to take threads like «Iris». If you have a small plastics bottle of glue, punch it and draw the thread through the glue in it — the thread will be in glue and ready to wind. After you have wound the thread, glue the workpiece again and leave for drying on 12 hours.

3. When the glue has dried, take everything off from the cardboard cone and separate polyethylene from the inside thing.

4. Paint your fir-cobweb as desired and put some decoration on the top of it. You may decorate it with strasses and so on.

You can surprise any guest with such a wonder-fir.

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This fir-tree is nice and I want to show you one more beautiful tree made of threads.

Fir-tree from threads
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