Kids art. Children origami - a lily, a pink, a rose - the application of flowers from color paper

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Kids art is in the center of our attention. So we want to offer you a lovely children origami — the application of flowers from color paper — a lily, a pink, a rose.
A Lily.
A paper square is divided into 4 small squares and 4 triangles on the diagonal. Fold a square in two, put side parts inside. Turn sides and corners to the middle, then back out the corners to the opposite sides. On the reverse side tuck in the left and the right corners, form a flower.

A Pink.

After you have folded a square in two on the diagonal, then beginning from the middle of the bend fold it in two again and divide it into 3 more parts. So you have a square divided from the middle into 6 parts. On this workpiece you make in pencil marks of the half of the form of petals on one and the other bends. Holding the oblique bend in the left hand, make a cut through on the marks and unfold half the picture-card. Side halves of the petals turn to the upper petals.
If you wish the flower to be more relief, from the other workpiece of the same color but of a smaller size make such a figurine and put it into the bend. Then take a green square of a smaller size, bend it in two on the diagonal lines and put side triangles into the bends inside. The lower end of the corolla of the flower put in the middle and glue.
According to this model you can make a blue cornflower using blue paper.

Roses buds
A square is folded in two on the diagonal, one of the sharp angles is turned back from the middle of the bend to the opposite side of the figurine. Then this part is half bended back. The second sharp angle is bended in the same way. And you`ll have a fluffy relief bud.

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It`s nice! Hope we`ll cope with these origami schemes and make the flowers. We`ve found an easy origami scheme of folding a tulip and we`d like to show it to you.

Origami flowers
Origami is for me — I'll use these ideas.
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