Kids art. Children handmade crafts from eggs - photos, pictures, making methods

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When a young child plays, he learns. Toys are stimuli in the world of learning. We, adults buy toys for our children, but we can offer them wonderful things-toys homemade with our own hands. And what is more important these toys are made together with your little sons and daughters — you teach them practical skills, to understand the world they live in. And kids art is of great help here. If you are ready to start making something unusual and spectacular with your own hands, you are welcome! I suggest you making children handmade crafts from eggs — they are original and unconventional. Your kids will enjoy them!
You'll need color paper, glue, an egg, paints, sand, eyes, feathers.
From color thick paper or cardboard cut out the details — wings, a cock`s comb, a beak and so on.
On the acute end of the egg make a cut, fill the egg with sand so that it was steady in a vertical position, pour some glue on the top. Put a cock's comb into the cut and fasten with glue. Color the egg in green or orange, paint flowers. Glue the rest details — eyes, a wattle and a beak. In the end of your work glue the feathers of the tail.

Two Chickens

On the acute end of the egg with an awl make a hole for feathers. On the blunt end — two holes for legs out of wire.
2 cm below the acute end of the egg make a diametrical cut of about 1,5 cm long for a beak. Put the two parts of the beak into the cut and if necessary, make the cut longer or shorter with pincers. Before fastening the parts of the beak, take them away so that you can paint green the egg. In the lower part of the egg under the beak paint spots. About 3 cm above the cut for a beak paint white eyes with black pupils. Now you can fully fasten the beak.
Bend the wire for the legs 3,5 cm back under an acute angle and press it with pliers, leaving 2 cm of the wire bend it again. Bend the wire till you have 3 fingers. Move the fingers apart and bend the wire 2,5 cm up under the right angle. Make the second leg in the same way but in the end bend the wire under the right angle down. So you`ve got a right and a left legs. Put the legs into the holes as deep as possible so that they reached the opposite side of the egg. Fasten the legs in such a way so that the bird could stand on them. Through the upper hole strew sand 1/3 of the egg and pour some glue on top.
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Handmade crafts from eggs with children, some pictures…

Handmade crafts from eggs with children, some pictures

Handmade crafts from eggs with children, photos
These crafts from eggshell are also wonderful and easy in making, I think:

Handmade crafts from eggshell

Handmade crafts from eggshell

Handmade crafts from eggshell
it`s fun and I like it.
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