Kids art. A Fish-Wonder - a craft for children made out of the cases from Kinder-Surprise

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Kids art is an exciting topic which provides us with lots of wonderful ideas we can realize with our own hands. Almost all handmade children crafts are unconventional and extremely useful. They give our children the opportunity to become explorers and small inventors creating homemade toys for themselves and their little brothers and sisters. A Fish-Wonder, a craft for children made out of the cases from "Kinder-Surprise", is a fascinating project for little creators.

Many of us have got the cases from «Kinder-Surprise» at home. And I've found an interesting idea how to use them. You can make such a jolly fish-wonder.
The needed material:
A case from «Kinder-Surprise», two spigots and two holders from ball pens, two strips of yellow plastics and a piece of red one.

1. In the bottom of the half of the case make the holes for eyes, cuts for lips and the upper fin with a hot instrument.

2. Make short but wide cuts for side fins — the holders of the fountain pens.
3. From red plastics cut out a tail and an upper fin. Insert them in the proper cuts (a tail — in the cut in the half-lid of the case).
4. Insert eyes-spigots, lips — the strips of yellow plastics and side fins — the holders of the pens.

5. Join the two parts of the case — the wonder-fish is ready.

Further the child himself can make such green water-plants — the extra decoration to our fish.

To make them we'll need lids, corks from plastic bottles and a plastic bottle of green color. In the cork make an H-like cut and cut the bottle into long rectangle strips. This work can be done by a child. The strips should be thin and of different length — 7-15 pieces on one cork and insert them into the base. To make the construction steadier stick some plasticine inside of the cork.

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