Kids art. A Fir - a handmade craft out of pine cones in a kindergarten

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Kids art is an important means for cultivating in children a love for beauty, nature and man. This process is quite complicated: it takes a lot of time, efforts and knowledge and to start it's better from the very early age.
Here is a lovely fir-tree we made with kids before Christmas and the New Year. I gathered the pine cones beforehand — in summer, dried them very well and at one of our lessons we started to create. The children plunged into work and I was glad watching their rapt attention. There's one more useful thing about it — the little kids worked with natural material, cones.

What did we need for work?
1. Pine cones.
2. Fast glue.
3. Silvery lacquer.
4. Small pieces of foam plastic.
5. Cotton wool and a decorative ribbon.
To make this fir-tree is fairly simple. First we covered the points of the cones with lacquer (you may not do it).

Then we sticked the bases of cones together forming a fir-tree.
And we passed to the decoration of the tree: we tore foam plastic and cotton-wool into tiny pieces and put them on it. In the end we decorated our fir with a nice ribbon.
That's all! The fir-tree is ready!

We placed such lovely fir-trees on the children's wardrobes in a kindergarten and they emphasized the feeling of the holiday.

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I think this craft is perfect because of its simplicity in making. Here`s one more example of making a Christmas tree from cones:

A christmas tree from cones
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