Easter Gifts for Kids. A Handmade Card "A Hatched Chick", Master Class

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Before Easter our great concern is to find presents to please our relations and friends. And children creativity will help us. Together with our kids we`ll create handmade gifts for friends and family. I`m sure you experienced the delight on someone`s face when you gave them something you had made especially for them. The description of easter gifts for kids is just what you need. This Master Class will show you the process of making the Card «A Hatched Chick».

How to Make a Card «A Hatched Chick»

Version 1

Easter Gifts for Kids. A Handmade Card a Hatched Chick, Master Class

You`ll Need:

Two-sided colored paper, eyes, scissors, glue, a puncher.


— Draw an egg on a piece of two-sided green paper folded in half, so that one end can be uncut.

— Cut a card «Egg». Outline the lower part of the egg on white paper and draw a cleaved edge of the egg.

— Cut a yellow circle in a diameter equal to the egg. Incise the egg like making grass.

— From red two-sided paper cut a double triangle, so that the bending line may be on a short side — it`ll be an open beak.

— Now glue the parts to the green card in the sequence: a yellow circle of the chick, a cracked egg, a beak and eyes. With a puncher cut yellow circles and glue them onto the white part of the egg.

— Inside the card glue the white paper in the egg-shaped form like the card itself, but a bit smaller. It`ll be the place to write warm wishes or «HAPPY EASTER!»

Version 2

Easter Gifts for Kids. A Handmade Card A Hatched Chick, Master Class

You`ll Need:

— cardboard, colored paper or foam rubber, a rivet
— glue, scissors


1. Look carefully at the picture of the card.

2. Cut an egg from the cardboard and then cut it in half zigzag.

3. Join the two parts with a rivet.

4. Cut a chicken and glue it on the inner egg side.

5. Decorate the egg as desired.

Easter Gifts for Kids. A Handmade Card A Hatched Chick, Master Class

Such cards made by young craftmakers are an original gift for mom or granny at Easter.

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Oh! the idea of an Easter card is wonderful! We'll do it with our kindergarten kids — it's just for them.
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