Creative children. Handmade craft - a Fir out of macaroni

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Creative children are curious and inventive, they are wonderful explorers. So this unconventional and funny handmade craft will certainly interest them and they`ll make it with great desire.
I suggest you making a fir-tree out of ordinary macaroni. That`s it! A fir — out of macaroni! You`ll need large macaroni (feathers), cardboard, glue and lacquer.
1.Make a cone from cardboard, you needn`t paint it green.
2.From down to top glue macaroni-feathers.

3.Glue with lacquer as desired.
And here it is — an original homemade toy! Don`t you like it?

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The idea is out-of-the-way and it appeals to me. We`ll try to make such a fir-tree with my daughter.
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