Creative child. Handmade FESTIVE GLADE from cones

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We are eager to help parents keep their children busy and happy all day long. Handmade children craft ideas are the right place to have fun and learn something new and special. So this glamorous Festive Glade will be exactly what you need. The craft is made from cones which is the perfect natural material for excercising in imaginatio and creativity. Both grown ups and their children can be drawn to the pleasant work.

What you need:
1. some wine corks (by the number of trees on the glade);
2. cones with solid hard-open scales;
3. very small colored beads pompons (you can make them from bright threads by yourselves);
4. cotton-wool;
5. artificial snow or tinsel for a New Year tree — in other words everything that can be used as snow for our glade;
6. glue.

Glue the pompons to some scales on each cone — they`ll look like the decoration of a New Year tree. Then glue each cone to the wine cork — it`ll be a fir-tree trunk. If the made trees are not steady, cut off part of the cork.

PLace the fir-trees among the snowdrifts from cotto-wool. The glade is ready! Now it`s time for putting some toy animals on it.

Creative child. Handmade FESTIVE GLADE from cones

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