Creative child. Craft from Eggshell - PUSSYCAT

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Children like animals and making them with their own hands appeals to them very much. We want to draw your attention to this cute little Pussycat made from eggshell. Hope you`ll like it and completing the children craft from natural material will give you much pleasure and joy.

Creative child. Craft from Eggshell - PUSSYCAT

Pussycat from Eggshell

You`ll Need:

— eggshell;
— cardboard;
— double sided Scotch;
— markers;
— scissors.

How to Make:

1. Prepare the templates: a muzzle, a tail with the paws.

2. Prepare the eggshell. For this make two small holes on both ends of a fresh egg. Take a hairpin or spoke and mix the egg inside so that its liquid can flow out easily. Blow into the hole from one end and the egg will flow fast.

3. Cut a piece of double sided Scotch.

4. Glue the Scotch onto the template (a tail with the paws).

5. Glue the eggshell on the Scotch.

6. Glue the Scotch on the muzzle.

7. Glue the muzzle on the egg.

8. If desired, you can paint the Pussycat in spots or stripes.

This lovely Pussycat can make a perfect gift for your mom or friend on their birthdays.

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