Crafts from color paper for a kindergarten - A Flying bee and a caterpillar

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There are a lot of various and useful craft ideas. We try to find out and draw your attention to them. Here we offer you some crafts from color paper for a kindergarten. They are wonderful creatures — a flying bee and a caterpillar. To make them you`ll need:
— color and white paper,
— thick threads,
— glue, scissors, felt-tip pens.
Take two strips of color paper and fold them in such a way that their edges coincide. Bend the lower strip through the upper one, press tightly — fold in such a way to the end. From white paper cut out two wings, glue them to the middle of the made structure-accordion. Cut out eyes and glue them to the head. Draw a mouth, glue a nose, a piece of thread fold in two and glue to the wings.

A Caterpillar on the leaf

The height of the composition is 18 cm, you`ll need the following material:
— paper strips of yellow color, 2 to 50 cm (long) by 1 cm (broad),
— yellow paper,
— cardboard of green and red color,
— wire, 2 beads, a red pencil.
Cut out the parts and fold a snake. Draw a muzzle and color cheeks in red pencil. Draw a leaf and glue to it a heart, marking it with a felt-tip pen as shown in the drawing. Glue whiskers with beads between the front and rear parts of the head. Then glue a head to the last turned back cog of the snake. Make two holes in the leaf and draw in a snake.

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Great! The following pictures of a caterpillar and a bee have also interested me:

Papercrafts - a caterpillar and a bee

Papercrafts - a caterpillar and a bee
Hope you'll like these caterpillars too — they are simple to make for little kids in a kindergarten with a bit of educators' help. Appliques of a caterpillar from paper Appliques of a caterpillar from paper Appliques of a caterpillar from paper
As for me I like these paper bees and caterpillas — they'll be easy to make for little kids:

paper bees

paper caterpilla
… a cute handmade paper bee

paper bee

… and a caterpillar:

paper caterpillar
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