Crafts for Kids. Handmade Fluffy Garland out of Colored Feathers - for the Decoration of the Children's Room

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You can keep your children amused for hours by making your own handmade crafts for kids. This fluffy garland out of colored feathers will suit you perfectly in this case. Besides, you can use garlands not only for New Year trees but also for other purposes. You can decorate your children's room hanging them over your beds or on the window; you can twist them around the frame with your photo. The decoration of the room will depend on your taste. Good luck and enjoyment in your work!

The needed materials:

a garland, colored feathers, bast, glue.

How to make:

1. You'll need 3 feathers for each bulb. It'll be better, if you lay the feathers out into 3 groups according to the color, so that it may be easier for you to tie them to the bulb. The combinations of the following colors look nice: red, yellow, light blue or pink, violet, lilac. Try and you'll see what you like most of all.
2. The surface round the bulb cover carefully with glue: one drop is enough.

3. Hold a bulb in one hand. Take a feather with the other hand and put its awn part on the glue near the bulb. Glue the second and the third feathers in the same way and hold the three feathers till they glue up well. Ask your mum or granny to help you.
4. To be sure, cut a piece of bast about 10 cm long and tie it with the double knot on the feather trunk. In this way you may be certain that the feathers won't fall down in some time.
5. Glue the feathers over the bulbs of the garland, trying to cover all the bulbs.
Such a lovely garland can appear:

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