Crafts for Kids. Handmade Developing Toy-Surprise for Toddlers - Big Teddy Bear and Ten Small Ones

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Handmade crafts for kids out of cheap materials are as useful and dear to our beloved children as expensive and bright toys bought in big stores. Besides, these crafts are made of natural materials with our own hands and contain our warmth, love and desire to raise the children healthy and all-round developed.

Handmade Developing Toy-Surprise for Toddlers — Big Teddy Bear and Ten Small Ones

For my little one-year-old son I knitted such a funny toy-surprise — it's a teddy bear with a zipper on its belly. There are ten small knitted bears in many-colored pants inside the big one. For knitting pants I used the yarn of the main colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, light blue, green, violet, pink, white and black. The big teddy bear is in striped pants of the above mentioned colors.

When my son and I unzip the pants of the teddy bear, I usually tell him:
«Ten little teddies in many-colored pants
Have been captured by a big funny bear.
Will you set the little ones free?»

And my son starts unzipping the pants and taking out the little bears one after another with rapture. This type of activity is especially good for younger toddlers that are still working on their colors and fine motor skills. Besides, this educational and learning toy for kids solves other developing and educating problems — teaches to count (10 bears) and develops the kid's speech.

Those mothers who can't knit or sew can make such a toy too. Take any plush toy-animal of not a big size, about 25 cm high, make a cut on the belly, take out everything that has been stuffed inside. Sew a zipper in the cut or sew buttons on the one side of the cut and eyelets on the other. Inside put the same tiny toys with many-colored parts. You may use toy-trinkets for mobile phones or figures from «Kinder-Surprise» — choose small figures in clothes of various colors.

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