Crafts for kids. FUNNY TURTLES - how to make children secrets out of plastic bottles

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I'm a young parent and fond of crafts for kids not less than my six-year-old daughter. We enjoy making unconventional toys-crafts together — we share ideas how to make something better or improve the decoration of this or that thing with each other. It's a great fun for both of us. Besides, I teach my daughter to work in a team. I believe it'll be very helpful to her in future.

In our childhood there was a yard game «Secrets» which we played with the help of various pieces of glass. Like me, I'm sure, you remember how we composed different pictures out of colorful pieces of glass on the ground, then covered them with soil. They were our «secrets». Not long ago I came across the idea how to make «secrets» at home. Create such a basis for «secrets» together with your child and he himself will be able to make up «the secrets».
a plastic bottle, cardboard, color paper, gouache paint, scissors, glue, felt-tip pens.

1. Cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle (not more than 5 cm). You may paint some simple pattern on it.
2. On a piece of cardboard draw an imagined stencil and cut it out. We have drawn little turtles.
3. Put a stencil on color paper, outline it and cut out.
4. Glue color paper on the cardboard stencil.
5. Color the made stencil with a felt-tip pen. Outline the contour to make it brighter, draw eyes, a nose, a mouth (you may glue eyes if you find the suitable material to make them from).
Here you are! «The secret» is ready! Stimulate your child's imagination what to put inside! It's a wonderful way of developing children's art abilities and imagination.

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