Crafts for kids. A stone beetle

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Crafts for kids. Using natural materials we can make a number of interesting insects. Out of stone, glue and small twigs we can create wonderful beetles. This STONE BEETLE looks unconventional and very cute: kids make it with pleasure.

Materials for creating a STONE BEETLE
Smooth stones of a small size
Dry leaves
Small twigs

How to make the beetle

1. It's very easy to make the craft. First, shape the beetle's body from the stones.

2. Using glue connect the stones in the needed order.

3. From small twigs make the beetle's legs and glue them to the stone.

Crafts for kids. A STONE BEETLE

4. If you like, you may make the wings for the beetle from dry leaves and glue them from above.

5. In the end you may glue the twigs-antennas and the eyes-beads.

Following these instructions you can make not only beetles, but also ants, spiders, caterpillars and etc.

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Nice! Beetles from stones can be various and wonderful.

Beetles from stones
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