Crafts for kids. A handmade MOUSE on the STRING

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Crafts for kids. Crafts give kids the opportunity to find new ideas to make something with their own hands. The more children create, the more they wish to make something original. So, the kids' desire to create should be always supported by their parents; perhaps, in this way your kid will open his special talent. Today we offer children a handmade MOUSE on the STRING.

Out of thick cardboard make the body of the MOUSE — it should remind the form of the drop. Then pass to the most laborious task — to prepare paint. The green color is needed: take a bit of paint and three times more water; then dip the paper napkins into the prepared liquid. Make small green lumps, put them onto the plate and leave the lumps to dry fully. Now you can glue them to the MOUSE with a thick layer. From plasticine make eyes and ears. The tail is made of a thin green string.

We'll need:

1) a thick sheet of cardboard,
2) gouache paints,
3) scissors,
4) glue,
5) paper napkins,
6) thin string,
7) plasticine.

Crafts for kids. A handmade MOUSE on the STRING

1) creative abilities,
2) the ability to make up,
3) the ability to make a masterpiece out of natural materials,
4) carefulness and diligence,
5) the ability to work with paints and scissors.

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