Crafts for kids. A Decorative PUMPKIN on Halloween

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Fall has come, the time of golden leaves and fall beauty. Any craft maker has got a busy time: a lot of necessary materials for future things can be gathered during a month. Most of us, especially kids, are fond of Halloween and make different «monsters» and «ghosts» out of a pumpkin. We offer you to make a simple and cute Decorative PUMPKIN on Halloween.

Crafts for kids.

Use your imagination and make such a decorative thing, as shown in the picture.

For making the craft you'll need:
A pumpkin
A knife
A ribbon

Crafts for kids. A Decorative PUMPKIN


1. Take a not very big pumpkin of orange color preferably — for a more contrast.

2. Put to the pumpkin the earlier prepared nice leaves of maple, oak, chestnut — any leaves you like.

3. Outline the contours of the leaves on the pumpkin with a knife. Following the outlines, cut out the holes. The number and the size of the holes-leaves depends only on your imagination and desire.

4. In the end decorate the craft with ribbons and nice fall leaves.

That's all — a bit of time spent and a cute craft-souvenir is ready.

Crafts for kids. A Decorative PUMPKIN

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