Crafts for children. How to make a rotator from paper - crafts ideas for children creativity

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Children are fond of various handmade toys especially when grown ups help make them. Try making such a nice rotator, it`s made of cardboard. How to make it?

1.Cut out a square in the size 10 cm or 15 cm (it may be a rectangle).
2. Then it`s necessary to decorate it with an application or draw in pencils.
3. Draw diagonal lines from one corner of the square to the other.
4. Make cuts not approaching 2,5 cm to the center.
5. Bend all angles to the center laying one on the other.
6. Fix these angles in the middle with a nail and hammer it to a wooden stick.
Here it is what we`ve got:

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It`s cool! Simple in making! I`d like to try it with my son in my free time, we`ll both be happy creating a thing together.
Nothing special…
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