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Everything new what concerns craft ideas interests us and we are always ready to share them with you. Today these are craft animals from cardboard boxes. I`m for these kinds of work, as making crafts brings up children`s industriousness, neatness, independence, develops their imagination.
A Mouse
To make it you`ll need:
— paper boxes,
— sheets of paper,
— scissors, glue, a brush, color pencils.
Glue color paper on all sides of two small boxes — a square box and a rectangle one. Then glue a square box on a rectangle. From color paper cut out the necessary parts — eyes, a nose, paws, ears, a tail, and glue them to the trunk and the head.

A Kitten, a bear, a hare
You`ll need:
— boxes glued with color paper from all sides,
— paper strips of different colors, parts of muzzles,
— a brush, glue, scissors.

A head is made from a small roll — a twisted up strip of paper, which is glued to the box-trunk, then add the rest parts — ears, eyes, paws, a nose.
A Duck
This craft is made of match boxes.
— move out base parts from match boxes and join them perpendicularly (you`ll have a head and a trunk).
— from all sides glue this structure with color paper and color it with color pencils.
— cut out a beak, wings, eyes, a tail and glue them on the structure.

A Kitten
A kitten is made of a match box glued from all sides with color paper, then you glue ears, eyes, a tail and whiskers (you can draw whiskers with a felt-tip pen).

A Cow
— nice boxes from cream, perfume, matches..,
— color paper, glue, a brush.

Some more animals

Cheburashka and Guena-crocodile, a bull and a cock

A Little Fox

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I can`t but admire these craft animals from cardboard boxes:

Craft animals from cardboard boxes

Craft animals from cardboard boxes

Craft animals from cardboard boxes

Craft animals from cardboard boxes
We like these cute creatures from discarded materials. Hope we`ll manage to make something similar.
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