Craft Ideas. Modeling Lessons out of Paste for Children - Model Entire Pictures

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We'll find ways of spending time with our children enjoying many kids craft ideas having fun and teaching them at the same time. For the children of our circle «Skilled Hands» the most favorite activity is modeling out of paste. I pay much attention to this kind of activity — if they like it, let's create. And we've got a lot of works, I'll show you the most interesting ones. I practice modeling with the kids aged 3 and older. We model simple figurines, sometimes with the help of baking cups.

With older children we model entire pictures — the figurines of animals, flowers, trees and so on, make imprints on them and color. The most beautiful pictures I put into frames and hang on the walls of our art studio.

How do we do it?
We take meal, salt, water and and mix them to the homogeneous mass — the paste from which we model our crafts. We decorate wet figurines with imprints, which we make with drinking straws, sticks, beads, buttons, macaroni and etc. When the figurine has dried, we paint it with water-color or Indian ink. Admire these cute pictures:

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