Craft Ideas. Modeling Lessons for Kids - Pictures out of Plasticine, Kidney Beans, Peas

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I love using different things around the house to teach my kids about the world around them. Craft ideas are of great help to me. We can make lovely things out of natural materials: kidney beans, peas, plasticine and a great number of others. Here are the lessons of modeling out of the above mentioned materials — you can model even large nice pictures out of them. They are usually beautiful and original — children are fond of creating them.

Pictures out of Plasticine, Kidney Beans, Peas

We need:

white and colorful paper, a piece of sacking, plasticine, peas, kidney beans, colorless lacquer or silicate glue.

How to make:

On a white sheet of paper glue a cut piece of sacking. Out of plasticine model an intended plot of the picture. Bring it carefully onto the sacking and fasten well. The hollows, which we see on the house and the stems of the trees, we make with the imprints of peas. We fasten kidney beans on a piece of plasticine. Onto the picture where there's only one tree, we've added some cuttings out of colorful paper: flowers, boots.

When the craft is ready, to make it look better we cover it with lacquer or silicate glue. You can put your picture into he frame:

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