Craft ideas. How to make a trough for birds from match boxes, photo

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It`s nice to make such a trough for birds — it`s both useful and pleasant to watch how birds fly to «have breakfast» in our handmade «canteen». To make a trough is not so complicated.
1. Take a paper packet from milk or sour milk, wash it carefully and dry.
2. The upper part from which you pour the contents glue up.
3. In the lower part make a hole so that you can put a stick throughout, it will be a roost where a bird will sit comfortably clinging up the stick.
4. A bit higher the roost (1 cm ) make holes on both sides of the box — a square 5 cm by 5 cm.
5. What is left is only to fasten a trough. In the very upper part make 2 holes and stretch a piece of wire or rope through them and the trough is ready.

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