Craft Ideas. Handmade Lorry Sandbox for Kids, Tutorial

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I've got two children and always look for new craft ideas because handmade toys are really special and very useful for making them together with the kids. Such a lorry sandbox for kids you can make with your own hands, the boys will enjoy it particularly! It has got a helm! If you've got two sons, make two helms :)

Handmade Lorry Sandbox for Kids, Tutorial

The required materials:

— 6 four-meter boards,
— 4 two-meter beams for fixing a helm and making a seat,
— One-kilo tin of orange paint,
— half a kilo tin of turquoise paint.

Before painting cover the boards with worked out motor oil.

The approximate sizes:
1,4 м — the front (where there's a windshield),
1,2 м — the entrance,
1,5 м — the height.

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